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Who is our typical client?

Our typical client is someone who is nearing or already enjoying retirement with
$1 million or more of investable assets.

Good steward

You value expert guidance and want to know your family and your money will always be in good hands.

Value a lasting plan

You want to know that your money is following a time-tested plan, rather than trying to guess the future of the stock market.


You want to continue giving to
your church or other causes.

Work with us: Our 3-step process


Retirement income plan consultation

If it makes sense for both of us, then we’ll schedule a longer consultation to discuss your retirement income plan. There is no cost and no obligation.

We’ll answer 3 main retirement questions:

  1. What amount of income can I expect in retirement?
  2. How can my tax bill be reduced?
  3. How can my investments be improved?


Think about it!

We are focused on long-term relationships with our clients, not short-term transactions. We want to make sure you feel like we are a good fit to work together for years to come.

When you decide to work with us, you will work with a team. Every client works with two CFP® professionals. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that you always have a team to support you.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQ page.

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in your retirement plan?

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