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A segment-based approach to income, the Perennial Income Model matches your current investments with your future income needs.

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Mailbox money: Social security, pensions, other income

Taking Social Security and pensions at the proper time is a fundamental consideration of any retirement income plan. The impact of these decisions will affect every aspect of your financial life throughout retirement including:

  • The taxes you will pay
  • The disbursements you will need to make from retirement accounts
  • The types of accounts from which you draw your income
  • How your money should be invested

We can help to optimize Social Security and pension benefits for you by coordinating these benefits into a comprehensive income plan. This optimization is made possible because of the Perennial Income Model.

Investment management

Compound interest is a powerful tool. But is your portfolio set to realize its full potential? At Peterson Wealth Advisors, we see to it that it does.  With the Perennial Income Model™, we don’t need to try to “guess” or “time” the market. That’s a losing strategy and prevents retirees from having peace of mind. Instead, our investment strategy matches your current investments with your future income needs. 

Tax planning

Typical tax preparation professionals are usually focused on the short term, such as solving this year’s tax issues. At Peterson Wealth Advisors, we see a much bigger picture. 

The Perennial Income Model™ allows us to recognize, and even create, tax-saving opportunities five, ten, or even twenty years down the road. That’s because our tax planning process accurately projects decades’ worth of your retirement income. Using this, we’re able to help manage tax brackets, optimize Roth conversions, and maximize charitable donations to the causes you care about.

Healthcare decisions

One major worry in retirement is how you’ll handle medical expenses. So whether you’re 65+ looking for the best Medicare supplement, or under age 65 looking to cut insurance costs, we can help.

The Perennial Income Model™ helps us prepare for your future healthcare needs. As your guide, we: 

  • Help you apply for Medicare
  • Align you with a vetted Medicare Supplement Professional
  • Create a plan so you can acquire the least expensive and best health insurance coverage prior to age 65
  • Consider with you the pros and cons of purchasing Long-Term Care insurance and direct you to a credible agent should you determine that this course of action suits your needs

Legacy & estate planning

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. Now you’re looking to preserve what you have. At Peterson Wealth Advisors, we’re here to see that what you’ve built lasts. Not just for you, but for the people you love and the charities that you support.  

During your retirement, we’ll help you through the estate planning process. We can work with your estate planning attorney or recommend you to one to help complete your estate plan and keep it updated. Either way, we’ll efficiently establish your beneficiaries, protect your loved ones, and maximize your legacy. Plus, the Perennial Income Model™ will help us spot any estate-tax liability concerns along the way!

Expert guidance

Your best interests are our best interests. As fiduciary advisors, we’re legally and ethically bound to do what’s best for you. That means total cost transparency, zero commissions, and no hidden agendas. 

But our team of independent, fee-only, CFP® Professionals takes integrity a step further. We’re able to overdeliver for our clients by having a singular focus- your retirement. This intense specialization coupled with 15 years of utilizing our exclusive Perennial Income Model™ has enabled us to create retirement success stories.

You receive all of this value for one transparent quarterly fee.

What we DO NOT do:

  • Charge hidden fees
  • Try to time the market
  • Chase last year's winners
  • Leave you to "figure it out" on your own
  • Sell annuities
  • Receive commissions

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